Frugal Living is Counter-Cultural

What if we all decided to follow the advice of just about every spiritual tradition, as well as some secular humanist traditions? What if we all agreed to live frugally, acquiring only what we need to live a life of meaning and service to humanity? All hell would break loose. Capitalism would implode. A capitalist…… Continue reading Frugal Living is Counter-Cultural

To Give But Not to Give

When I taught Economics in China, I was critical of their gift-exchange culture, but in a very superficial manner. They must have thought I was a sanctimonious moron. I told them when they’re constantly bestowing gifts on each other, that those aren’t really gifts. They’re always expecting something in return, something equivalent, and giving something…… Continue reading To Give But Not to Give

Elinor and the Fake Tragedy

You’ll find few prominent woman economists. It’s an Old Boys’ Club from way back. You’ll find even fewer female economists winning the Nobel Prize in Economics — like none. None until Elinor Ostrim, that is, in 2009. But she was no ordinary economist. She took on the old boys right where it hurt. She debunked…… Continue reading Elinor and the Fake Tragedy

Searching for the Soul of Economics

Searching for the Soul of Economics — Building on Cavanaugh Introduction It’s not only that our economy is morally compromised. It’s more that it has drawn ordinary decent people into a morally compromised lifestyle, largely without their informed consent — and has put in place a regime that denies community, vocation and justice. Such is…… Continue reading Searching for the Soul of Economics