Scarcity Amidst Abundance

We live in the midst of a grand contradiction. The earth is brimming with everything the human race needs. Yet those who have too much of everything think they don’t have enough. We live in a culture that takes abundance and turns it into scarcity. Look at the abundance. In the “developed” world, GDP rose…… Continue reading Scarcity Amidst Abundance

Corporate Libertarian Socialism

We live in a bizarre world where we believe in libertarian free-market ideology, while we let the corporate sector practice socialism. Yet we don’t admit to either of them. “Wait”, you say. “I’m no libertarian. I believe in public parklands, and city street cleaning, and municipal firefighters and all kinds of other public services. The…… Continue reading Corporate Libertarian Socialism

The Wendigo Economy

Indigenous mythology is usually dismissed as pagan, even though the wiser among us know that our own deepest wisdom is steeped in mythological roots. It’s just considered legitimate to discount indigenous narratives as naive, and glorify even our own dumbest mythologies as profound. But it’s even dumber when a culture fails to develop a crucial…… Continue reading The Wendigo Economy

Economics vs Justice

Economists reduce human relationships to mathematics — most egregiously so when it comes to justice. Now they do have a point. There’s something called commutative justice. I pay you $10, and in return you give me something worth $10. Equal exchange. Mathematical justice. Important. Nobody wants to be cheated. But not everyone distinguishes that from…… Continue reading Economics vs Justice

Cursed by Growth

Almost all spiritual traditions view consumerism — the preoccupation with acquiring more goodies and pleasures over time — as profane and beneath human dignity. Buddhism views our unconstrained appetites as the very source of human unhappiness. Islam and Christianity both emphasize the need to follow your calling in life, where excessive consumption is an impediment…… Continue reading Cursed by Growth

Nobel Economics Winner — Kept on Sidelines

The latest winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (oddly named because it was not on the original list of Nobel Prizes) is the American, Richard Thaler. He did good pioneering work on Behavioral Economics. But despite the accolade, every effort will be made — successfully — to keep him on the sidelines.…… Continue reading Nobel Economics Winner — Kept on Sidelines

Economics vs Weather

Imagine if you will, you’re planning an ocean cruise, and you want to know whether you might face rough seas. Will you hire a weather scientist or an economist? The answer’s obvious, but the reasons are illuminating. The weather scientists will measure temperature patterns, air pressure patterns and how they’re spinning, ocean currents and how…… Continue reading Economics vs Weather